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BUY Emilia Romagna is renewed with a new format and a new digital platform.

In this new edition, and given the uncertainties, we have created a new format to achieve our goal of helping regional tourism businesses meet the international trade.

Today we are at the 26th edition and we are here to support the regional tourism offer as always.


The event consists of meetings between supply and demand and educational tours, the event’s strong point. In fact, educational tours or fam-trips are organised to allow foreign T.O.’s to discover the wonderful lands of Emilia Romagna.

In each edition, an average of 16 tours were organised over two days dedicated to discovering the region’s territory and tourist products.


During these 25 years of experience, we have been able to get to know people and realities that make the regional tourist offer an Italian excellence

BUY Emilia Romagna is an event designed to promote and encourage, in an integrated way, the meeting between regional tourism offer and international trade. Since 1995, the Buy Emilia Romagna, promoted by Confcommercio Emilia Romagna, in collaboration with APT Servizi, has brought more than 3,000 Tour Operators to Emilia Romagna and involved more than 2,000 operators from our region.

Buy Emilia Romagna is the most important and qualified event for the marketing of the region, designed to enhance the appeal, strength and excellence of the Emilia Romagna system. The vast heritage of skills, innovation of the regional “fabric”, with products and “brands” that excel on world markets.

Photophoto workshop several years

The traditional Workshop, where the actual negotiation takes place, will be offered on a virtual online platform throughout the event.

The workshop: the highlight of the event: it has been enhanced with a new format ….. find out more here –> event page